Automatic Stapling Machine SHM E 24-60/4SX

For top closure of filled telescopic-type boxes made from corrugated cardboard in differing sizes. The boxes have already been separated from each other with
a minimum distance of 50 mm and are introduced one after the other into
the stapling device. The size of the boxes are automatically detected. The motorized roller conveyor stops the box at the stapling position.

Features and Benefits:
  • Loading capacity of 1 stapling head: 4000 coiled staples.
  • Reloading time for 1 coil: less than 1 minute.
  • Power source electro/pneumatic: 415 Volt, 50 Hertz, 4-6 bar
  • Control memory programmed: SIEMENS SPS S7.
  • Equipped with 20 l pressure tank to compensate pressure fluctuations.
Technical Data:
Name Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
SHM E 24-60/4SX 325 - 435 290 70 - 320
  • Complete stapling unit, excellently suited for being mounted in special-purpose machines.
  • Blind stapling without customary clinching anvils.
  • Inevitably destroy the cardboard partially and weaken the stability of the stapled box.
  • A box closed with TOP E 60 blind stitch makes a better optical impression.
Tool Specification:
Height of roller conveyor
2700 x 1750 x 1650 825
Automatic Stapling Machine SHM E 24-60/4SX